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Paper Recycling

Mid America Recycling collects, processes and ships paper domestically and internationally. Our quality assurance processes allow us to market our paper at the best price, providing our end users with the confidence of producing a high quality product.

Brokerage Services

Brokerage ServicesBrokered materials can be any recycled commodity and must be “mill-ready,” meaning they have already been processed (i.e. cleaned, sorted and baled) per mill specifications. Due to our large market share, strong market pricing, prompt payments, accurate reporting and fast reliable service, we provide maximum profit to our customers' bottom line.

The convenience of brokerage services is that it we do all the work, leaving our customers to focus on their business. With an overwhelming number of end users looking for clean, quality materials, brokerage service brings both profit for our customers and a quality products to our end users.

Document Destruction

Document DestructionMid America Recycling understands the importance of security with respect to confidential documents and media materials. Our service includes secure destruction of paper, media and product destruction. Every customer receives a detailed report including date(s) of collection, type & weight of material destroyed and a certificate of destruction as part of our comprehensive program.

Metals Recycling – Aluminum & Tin/Steel Cans

Metals RecyclingAluminum and tin cans are handled by Mid America Recycling in both loose and baled forms. Before final processing and shipment, these materials are inspected on quality sorting conveyor systems to ensure the highest level of quality for end markets.

Glass Recycling

Glass RecyclingMid America Recycling operates the newest and most modern glass recycling facilities in the United States. In our unique recycling process, green, amber and flint (clear) glass containers are crushed into “cullet” and sized to end user specifications while contamination such as caps, neck rings, labels, ferrous and non-ferrous metals are removed. Processing more than 25 tons per hour, our systems produce high quality furnace ready cullet that is shipped via truck and railcar to end users through North America.

Plastics Recycling

Plastic RecyclingMid America Recycling is one of the leading plastics recyclers in the Midwest. Four grades of plastics, including large volumes of PET, LDPE, HDPE and PVC are sorted, cleaned and processed into large bales for shipment to both domestic and international recyclers.

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